"Crai, crai, crai"
Music at the spanish court of Naples

An exciting confrontation of three musical worlds: Neapolitan poets such as Giulio Cesare Cortese, who sometimes performed their Tarantelle, Villanelle, Frottole and Tammurriate even in down-town taverns, the spanish Villancicos by a.o. Diego Ortiz and finally the elaborate works of Netherlandish Maestros such as Giovanni de Macque at the royal court.
A musical journey into the Spanish Kingdom of Naples, an ethnic melting pot wich has always been a crossing point between "Moorish" and European culture.

"with Ensemble Oni Wytars this mix of catchy melodies and elaborate instrumentals becomes an amusing journey" (MDR Figaro)

(raumklang RK 2706)


"Canto Novello"
Italian "Laude" from the late middle - ages

Ars Choralis Coeln & Ensemble Oni Wytars

Songs of spiritual, social and - most of all - musical renewal. A melting pot, a conglomerate of centuries-old Christian musical traditions and the rich folk-poetry, distinct, powerful and thrilling.
The two ensembles Ars Choralis Coeln an Oni Wytars have met especially for this project, in wich they put together the enchanting beauty of sonority and high-mettled instrumental virtuosity – to make revive a fascinatingly eclectic tableau of the vernacular religious music in Upper Italy during the 14th century.

(raumklang RK 2809)


A round dance
Ancient, traditional & contemporary music from Orient & Occident.

Bulgarian "Oro´s" meet the music of ancient Ottoman empire- traditional music, world-music, modal-Jazz goes along with both ancient and contemporary instruments.

"A variety of exiting sounds full of sonority, adrenaline and electricism." (FolkRoots, GB)

(Verlag der Spielleute CD 9504)



"Die Rückkehr des Marco Polo"
Memories of a journey not yet done

A composition by Marco Ambrosini & Katharina Dustmann.
Ens. Oni Wytars & Michael Riessler, Glen Velez, Renaud Garcia-Fons, Bernhard Landauer.

Marco Polo´s fantastic reports in ancient Italian language in his work Il Milione, published for the first time in 1308 inspired to this Odysee following the traces of the first world-traveller. The two composers are guiding us through a labyrinth of medieval music, Jazz and Oriental melisma. These elements once brought together, going beyond historical and geographic boundaries -tell a story - the myth of a marvellous dream.

"Internationally reknown musicians in the field of Early and Contemporary music appear as genuine multi-instrumentalists and multi-stylists. "(Frankfurter Allgemeine, D)

(Verlag d. Spielleute CD 9704)

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